Columbus Yachts overview for DIBS 2013

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Columbus Yachts overview for DIBS 2013
1 Mar 2013

After its 2011 debut with the 54m MY Prima, Columbus Yachts, the brand name under which the Palumbo Group has built superyachts since 2008, the yard has three new orders on its books, two for its successful Classic series, a 55m and a 65m, and one, a 40m, for the innovative Sport Hybrid semi-custom range.

Prima, as the name suggests, was the first superyacht build under the Columbus Yachts brand although the Palumbo Group is no newcomer to the maritime industry. Founded in 1967, it now counts three yards in the southern Mediterranean two of which, Naples and Malta, are dedicated to superyacht construction, guarantee works, repair and refit.

The new constructions are currently being built in the Naples facility located in the main port of Naples where the Palumbo Group has put together a team of in-house professionals who have been with the yard since the beginning of the superyacht venture, if not longer.

The Group had very clear ideas as to what Columbus Yachts stands for and, drawing heavily from its experience in shipping, is committed to building high-quality, technologically advanced yachts developed on proven engineering platforms to ensure seaworthiness and efficiency, safety and economy. Green building plays a central role in all projects which focus on developing sustainable solutions with low environmental impact in terms of materials used and consumption.

The 55m full displacement Custom Classic is a secret project for a Middle Eastern owner who is an experienced yachtsman and longtime yacht owner. We cannot reveal details of the project other than the yacht will be a streamlined classic like Prima built on the same platform with engineering and design done by Hydrotec. GT is approx. 950 and delivery is scheduled for 2014.

The innovative 40m Sport Hybrid was ordered by a Russian client in 2011 and the aluminium semidisplacement hull was completed in July 2012.

Columbus Yachts is becoming known for its green approach to yacht building and the Sport Hybrid is a perfect example of this new philosophy which marries performance and safety to low consumptions. The light-weight aluminium hull and superstructure and the vertical bow allow the yacht to install smaller engines but achieve optimum performance. The advanced hybrid propulsion system is capable of navigating swiftly on full diesel engines at 24knots or gliding silently with minimal emissions at 7.5knots on the auxiliary electric engines which consume only 30 liters (eight gallons) per hour. With a range of 5000M the low consumptions are as welcome to owners as the almost silent nighttime navigation.

In line with the green approach to yacht building, the interiors have been designed using lightweight and environmentally sustainable materials. For instance, marbles are mounted on a honeycomb platforms and less than 1cm is real marble, the rest is aluminium. All the woods are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified to ensure eco-sustainability while the leather, a by-product of the meat industry, is 50% lighter than standard leather and treated with a special non-toxic water painting process.

The 40m Sport Hybrid has several "dual-use" areas which can be altered depending on the number and age of the guests on board. The lounge area is framed by two large windows that provide breathtaking views onto the ocean and light up the saloon with natural light. The light and open atmosphere is enhanced by two large sliding glass doors and opening bulwarks to better enjoy the feeling of being at sea. The tri-deck 40m Sport Hybrid can accommodate 8 guests in 4 staterooms and 4 crew. Delivery is scheduled for September 2013.

The 65m Classic is the third superyacht in Custom Classic range. Designed and engineered by Hydrotec with elegant and streamlined exterior lines the yacht will comply with the new ILO standards. The interiors are designed by Studio Spadolini who also cooperated with Columbus Yachts on Prima.

The yacht is designed to maximize deck space and provide numerous sun/shade options for guest and owners including an observation deck and a sun deck with an oversize Jacuzzi. The sun deck can also be used as a helipad. The yacht is also equipped with a cinema and spa and a beach-club.

With GT of 1850, the 65m Classic can accommodate 12 to 14 guests in 6 or 7 staterooms and can house up to 18 crew. Delivery is scheduled for 2016. The Custom Classic range is being further developed in cooperation with Sergio Cutolo from Hydro Tec and the new projects include a 47m Classic and a 100m Classic.

For more detailed information on these and other current projects please contact us at