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Projects and concept yachts
1 Jan 2013

Developing design concepts is a means for a shipyard to keep on the cutting edge showing it is abreast with market change and capable of constant innovation. While we at Columbus Yachts see proposing new concepts as a means of testing ideas, we are also highly focused on their implementation which we believe must be realistic in terms of engineering and scheduling, and cost-effective for our clients.

Accordingly, we have worked around the platform and design for which we are best known, our Custom Classic project. We also have acted in concert with the market and, in the cases of the larger project, and specifically our 100m, in response to precise market demand.

Even while working on a concept, the Palumbo Group had very clear ideas what Columbus Yachts stands for, drawing heavily from its experience in shipping. "The focus is on building high-quality, technologically advanced yachts developed on meticulous engineering platforms to ensure seaworthiness, efficiency, safety and economy", explains Pino Palumbo, the MD of Palumbo S.p.A. "Green building plays a central role in all our projects which include developing sustainable solutions with low environmental impact in terms of build materials and consumption and complying with new regulations like the ILO standards".

In addition to sound engineering, the Custom Classics are built like little ships to ensure comfort and reliability with streamlined, harmonious lines for the exterior and spacious, airy interiors to create modern classics.

The Custom Classic concept collection now includes a 42m, a 47m and a spectacular 100m. The 42m and 47m, two smaller version of the highly successful sister ship MY Prima, are fully developed projects ready to be launched while the 100m is still in the creative phase. In addition to large saloons and common areas, the 100m yacht will be furnished with large functional business quarters in response to owners’ ever increasing need to be able to function from a business standpoint and to keep up with engagements even when on vacation. It’s all part of optimizing the yachting experience.

In addition to exceptional deck space and a private Owner’s deck, the yacht will have helicopter capability, large tenders and be equipped with an infinity pool, spa and beach club.

Besides the Custom Classics, Columbus Yachts concepts include the Sport Hybrid collection with the first Sport Hybrid 40m yacht due to be launched later this year, and the Explorer collection.

All our yachts are designed and engineered in cooperation with world famous naval architects and built in the facilities of the holding organization, the Palumbo Group, whose 50 years’ experience in the maritime business have proved invaluable to the successful completion of our projects.

For more detailed information on these and other current projects please contact us at: